7 Top Secrets for Fast Fat Loss During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to find a new job and lose weight too.  Shocking, but true!
“You know what, I lose weight, not gain it, during the holidays,” Valerie Bertinelli told People
magazine last year.  JJ Virgin, celebrity trainer, says “Why not take that challenge and throw conventional wisdom (you know: that everyone
gains 5 pounds during the holidays) out the door this year.” I agree with her and the advice she gives. Tackle these 7 strategies and
you’ll look fit and fabulous with no regrets come New Year’s Day.

1. Double Shakes. Big holiday office party or best friend’s gathering tonight where you
know you’ll indulge? No skipping meals! Instead make breakfast and lunch the IsaLean Shake. Combine this IsaLean Shake with water or So
Delicious unsweetened coconut milk, flax seeds, and berries to keep you full and
focused all day so you’re not diving into the petite quiche pastries as you wait for dinner.

2. Lateral Shifts. Be creative and strategize healthier options for your favorite holiday
foods. Rather than eggnog, for instance, warm So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk
with IsaLean Pro Chocolate Protein Powder for delicious, guilt free hot chocolate. Instead of whatever gooey concoction your neighbor brought over,
have a little dark chocolate with almond butter. Make your starchy side dish faux-tatoes
(mashed cauliflower) rather than potatoes. Be creative! Upgrade to healthier versions of
your favorites and you won’t feel deprived.

3. Fiber one. Fiber is your holiday friend for fast fat loss. It slows stomach emptying,
lessens your hunger hormone ghrelin, balances blood sugar, and reduces cravings so
you’re less likely to dive into the red velvet cupcakes. High-fiber foods include berries
(especially raspberries), avocado, and nuts and seeds. I love throwing flax or chia
seeds into IsaLean Shake for an easy fiber boost.

4. Keep tabs on your enemies. Abandoning all logic and diving into one of those tiny
coffee-shop doughnuts becomes far more difficult once you know your numbers. That
little cup of eggnog, for instance, packs a whopping 350 calories. Ditto the stuffing.
Pumpkin pie, you’re packing around 400 calories before the whipped cream. Once you
realize how easy it is to devour several thousand calories at one meal, you’ll reconsider
what’s allowed on your plate.

5. Plan ahead. You’ve had a brutal workweek, only to arrive home with your kids begging
for a fast-food dinner that includes a new holiday-themed dessert. You might succumb if
dinner requires hours’ worth of prepping. That’s why you have to think ahead,
particularly around the holidays. For instance, have some pre-cooked chicken and
chopped raw veggies in the fridge ready to go. Get your kids involved. Make it fun and
promise them something fun (and non-food related) as their reward.

6. Work it out. Juggling shopping, preparing for your in-laws, and a multitude of other
stresses holidays bring might mean exercise goes on the back burner. Don’t let that
happen. Hire a trainer and ask them to charge you double if you bale. Otherwise, you
might drive right past your gym for the shopping mall. I ditch the work out and join the Zumba dance party.
I love to dance so I don’t even feel like I am working out. If you’d rather work out at home,
JJ Virgin’s 4X4 Workouts provide a fast, effective 15-minute workout. Yep, 15 minutes: much
less time than it takes to find a parking space at the mall on a December Saturday. You
can get a free one at http://www.jjsfitclub.com/

7. Journal daily, weigh/ measure weekly. Surely you’ve heard trainers mention that study
about people who wrote everything they ate down lost twice as much weight. If a
supplement made those claims, the line would be longer than for those iPad Minis. A
food journal keeps you honest and helps you pinpoint any trouble areas. (For instance:
you’ll be clearer about why you gained 2 pounds.) While you’re writing down your food,
make sure you weigh and measure yourself once weekly and write those numbers

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