Follow this process and you will SCHEDULE MORE INTERVIEWS

If you want to be noticed and schedule more interviews, it’s time to start customizing your cover letter and career summary to fit each opportunity or target.  When it is apparent that you are sending out the same cover letter and resume to hundreds of employers, you are almost always screened out!

Follow this process and you will schedule more interviews:

  1. Identify the appropriate person to target (hopefully this person is one or two levels above the person who would be your boss).
  2. Verify the correct spelling of this person’s name and their title to eliminate unnecessary errors.
  3. Mail a hard copy of your resume and cover letter even though you have applied online.
  4. Research appropriate opportunities and customize your cover letter to show the hiring authority WHY you want to work for their company.
  5. Customize your career summary to stress the skills and experience you feel would be most important to each employer.
  6. Update your LinkedIn profile to match whatever updates you include on your resume – consistency is important.
  7. Develop a follow-up process that you follow to keep your name in front of your targeted hiring authorities.
  8. Stress your accomplishments and the positive impact they have had on your past employers.

Remember it is important to always stress how a hiring authority will benefit if they decide to hire you.

It is very important that you track which version of your resume and cover letter you are sending to each hiring authority, so that you take the correct version to your interview.  You do not want to change dates or facts.  You just want to list your credentials in the order that would be most desired by each hiring authority.

Customizing your information will take you time, but the reward is worth your investment of time.  You will schedule more interviews which should be the main focus of your job search.  The more interviews you schedule, the greater your chances become of receiving a job offer!


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