Get Back Out There!

When you are knocked down, the most natural thing to do is get back up! The same holds true for the disappointments you experience throughout your job search process. When you get knocked down or even knocked out of the interviewing process, you need to get back out there!

How you respond to setbacks and failures is one of the most important decisions you make each day. Successful people fail more because they try more. Job Seekers who are doing nothing have no setbacks or disappointments, but they also have no chance of finding a job! It’s always a better choice to fail at doing something than to excel at doing nothing!

All job seekers get knocked down and rejected, but it is how fast they get up that counts. The only time you fail is when you have not learned anything from the experience. There is always an opportunity to learn from every failure, rejection or disappointment. In your job search adopt the following attitude: SO WHAT – NOW WHAT – NEXT!

Someone else’s opinion of you does not have to be your reality! When you don’t get hired for a position, that does not mean you are not talented or qualified, it merely means you were not a fit for this particular opportunity. If another job seeker is more successful in their job search, chances are they have heard “No” more than you. Each “No” gets you closer to someone saying YES.

If you find yourself lacking motivation and your job search is in neutral, the best advice I can give you is “GET BACK OUT THERE TODAY!” Your next employer is sitting there, waiting to hear from you.