In the wake of senseless tragedy

These are beautiful words written by a cousin of a friend’s friend (who I’ve never met but was so touched by what he wrote I had to share). This articulates exactly how I feel. Thank you Preston Smith for your clarity of expression. “In the wake of senseless tragedy, I desperately look to God for answers. Answers about His divine sovereignty, His foreknowledge of such horrible events, how He intervenes, and what His intervention looks like. I often feel a disconnect between all that I demand to know of Him and what He chooses to reveal to me. On this side of Heaven, I feel like there will always be a gap between the suffering we encounter in this life and how it fits in with the permissible will of a good and sovereign God. And in that gap, exists some of the rawest of human emotions–fear, pain, sorrow, frustration, anger, doubt and hopelessness. But when we find ourselves in a raging sea of emotion, it’s then that faith most becomes an anchor to keep us from drifting, and hope most becomes a lifeline to keep us from sinking. Nothing will undo what was done yesterday at Sandy Hook or any other time in history that innocent lives were taken by the hand of pure evil. The pain caused by such events takes a long time to subside for some and may never subside for others in this lifetime. But in the midst of our pain and in the absence of answers, God offers to those who will receive far more than evil can take–His grace, His Holy Spirit and eternity spent with Him. And when tragedy finds us, and while we’re grieving all that’s been lost, more so than ever we’re held by the hope of our salvation and strengthened by a living God who’s alive in us, whispering that a day is coming when we’ll hurt no longer.”