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The average job seeker takes 33 weeks to receive a job offer. The properly prepared job seeker can cut that time down to 6-8 weeks. Are you prepared?

1) If so, submit your resume to resume@ Please include your 3 year income history: base salary, commission/bonus and total compensation. In addition, list the companies you have interviewed with in the last 90 days.

2)You will receive a job seeker questionnaire to complete so we can get to know you beyond your resume.3) When your background matches what our client companies are looking for, you will be contacted regarding the opportunity. If you have already been contact by another source or you have already submitted your resume to the company we are representing, please make us aware of this as we will not be able to represent you.

If we have presented you with a job opportunity first, and you are contacted by another source after our initial contact, please let the secondary source know you have already been contacted, as they will not be able to represent you. An open line of communication will help us help you.4) Check our featured Job Listings to see if your background matches our advertised opportunities. Take advantage of our Career Resources that suit your needs and increase your exposure to job opportunities.

Not sure which direction to take your job search? Do you feel like you have “information overload?” There are so many resources available today to job seekers, the process has become confusing. Do you want to be in control of your job search?

1) Invest in yourself so you are in a position to win and receive mutiple job offers. Have the help of a recruiter no matter what the source of your job leads are. How?

2) Register TODAY for the next “Don’t Interview-Audition” Career Coaching Teleclass Series with Nicole Fiorella.

It’s important to find an expert who KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the job market and what it takes to ace out your competition. Don’t get left behind. Take action today!

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